NA LCS Week 8 Day 1 Predictions

We’re almost at the end now. Week 8 and we’ve still have plenty of games to be excited about as teams make their climbs out of relegation and into the safe zone. Here are the rankings going into day one:

1) Team SoloMid (12-2)

2) Cloud0 (11-3)

3) Phoenix1 (9-5)

4) FlyQuest, Counter Logic Gaming (7-7)

6)Immortals, Team Dignitas  (6-8)

8) Echo Fox  (5-9)

9) Team Liquid (4-10)

9) Team EnVy  (3-11)

Team Liquid need every win from here on out and some more help to stay out of relegation and today they have Dignitas. I have them winning this match, but it won’t be easy. Dig has moved themselves out of the bottom and into a tie for 6th place. After the change at the coaching position it looks like everything is working out for their squad. On the other side Team Liquid are 1-1 after their lineup changes and made another for presumably the remainder of the split.

Adrian is now the starting support to play alongside Doublelift and previously he was statistically the best support in NA. Now he’s looking to make Doublelift the best ADC again and pick up a win for the team he hopes he can help lead out of the bottom. This should be a very tightly contested match and it’ll be interesting to see how the teams go about attacking one another. Does Dig focus mid to get Keane an advantage?  With the addition of Reignover in the bot lane will Doublelift start smashing everyone like he thought? Should be a good match.

The last match of the day will be Echo Fox and Counter Logic Gaming. Echo Fox has slowly been moving down the ladder since the beginning. They started out in a decent position doing everything that they could to stay there, but now they’re sitting in 8 and in prime position to be passed by Team Liquid. CLG on the other hand have done a nice job of moving up and staying in the middle. They look to have found their ground and Stixxay is getting to shine again. It feels like a no-brainer to take CLG here as they’ve been the far more consistent and skilled team. As we all know it depends on what Echo Fox shows up, but they’ve been trending downwards so I think we all know what’s in store for them. Now that I’ve said that they’ll probably win.

Here are the predictions for today’s matchups and my record going into day one in bold: (38-18)*No Predictions Week 9. Out of Town*

  • Team Dignitas vs Team Liquid (1-2)
  • Echo Fox vs Counter Logic Gaming (1-2)