Several Splatoon 2 Videos Show More of Specials and Weapons

Splatoon 2 is making its way to the Switch this summer. We’ve had a steady bit of news since its official announcement in January to keep all us kids and squids satisfied. Nintendo has posted nine videos to show off various specials and weapons from the game.¬†Each video follows the same format of an Inkling testing them out before diving right into action with them. Up first are all four of the new specials followed by five weapons.

The Inkjet allows Inklings to hover around in the air to fire blobs of ink at opponents. You can get in several shots before the device explodes. This will cause you to fly even higher in the air before landing on the ground. There is no word yet if the streams of ink propelling you upward are hazardous to touch. It is a powerful weapon to use but may leave you exposed when the timer runs out.

Tenta Missiles makes it rain explosive projectiles of ink. Before firing them off, you will be able to lock in on a couple of targets that are in range. Once unleashed, they will seek the intended enemy and blast them away. However, watch out where you activate this special. You will be left unprotected as you try searching for targets much like the Inkstrike from the first Splatoon game.

If you need a quick way to clear some space, the Splashdown is an excellent way to cause enemies to scramble. This special shoot your Inkling up into the air before coming down with so much force that it causes an explosion of ink. Splashdown can even be performed when warping to a location on the map. Use it to jump down on unsuspecting opponents for a quick kill.

The Sting Ray is a slow moving special that really puts out a lot of pressure. This stream may be easily avoidable as long as you know where to go. The Sting Ray can reach far away and will splat an opponent in no time as long as it connects. It may be best used to keep a line of enemies from crossing or corral them into a location for your team to pick off.

The first of the weapons is the newest addition to the arsenal. They are dual-wielding handguns which shoot in a rapid fire mode. You can even roll around to avoid snipers and other attacks. You will need to move quickly with these to cover as much turf as possible. Or take on the entire enemy team by evading and taking them down with speed instead of power.

The Splattershot is an oldie but a goodie. This classic returns to give players a well-balanced weapon. It offers a speedy firing rate, excellent distance and modest power. It has even received a fresh makeover to make it streamlined for the new game. Fans used to the Splattershot will feel comfortable with this coming back.

The Splat Roller has received a couple of upgrades for Splatoon 2. We all know how it flings ink but now you can create vertical lines of ink by jumping and swinging at the same time. Also, the more you roll around, the quicker the pace becomes which allows you to cover more turf. It still looks to be one of the strongest weapons in the game and with these new features the Splat Roller will probably receive many new fans.

Keep your distance from all the action when using the Splat Charger. This weapon also returns and has receive a new feature. Instead of firing off a shot when fully charged, you can now hold on to that charge and swim around to a new location before using it. This will help those who need to take that clear shot whenever they want. However, when charged Inklings will glow, making them an easy target.

The brand new Curling Bomb is a new sub-weapon. This item can be slid across the ground at varying speeds before exploding. Hold down the charge for it to explode sooner or let it fly right away to reach further targets. The Curling Bomb can even bounce off of walls before exploding which means enemy Inklings won’t even be safe hiding in their nooks and crannies.

These are all just a sneak peek at the new features found in Splatoon 2. If the game is anything like its predecessor, we are in for loads of updates and weapons throughout the months after its launch. Stay tuned for even more Splatoon news.