Bundle Stars Dominator Bundle Now Available – Bundles Rocket League and Others

The Bundle Stars are back with the all-new Dominator Bundle. This gets you up to 14 games from a variety of tiers. Tier 1 costs $1 and gets you JumpJet Rex, Eucidean, Void and Meddler Episode 1, and 10 Second Ninja X. Paying $4.99 gets you that plus Holy Potatoes!, The Little Acre, Western 1849 Reloaded, Nevermind, Goliath, Master Spy, Scrap Gardan, and Out There.  Paying $9.99 gets you that plus 8-Birt Armies and all of its content, while $14.99 gets you everything alongside the incredible Rocket League – which is normally $19.99 on its own. Rocket League alone is worth getting this bundle for, so if you’ve wanted to check that out, but haven’t done so yet, this is a good time to buy it.