Catch More Water-Types in Pokémon GO During the Water Festival Celebration

Trainers, if you happen to be landlocked with no access to bodies of water, this Pokémon GO Water Festival is your chance to get out there and catch them all. There is a special event happening where more Water-types will pop up all over the world.

Starting now and lasting until March 29, players have higher chances of running into Squirtle, Magikarp, Totodile and more. As an added bonus, if you do happen to be near water the encounter rate of Johto region Pokémon as well as the elusive Lapras increases. There is even a fun Magikarp hat to let your avatar wear as part of the festivities.

There are plenty of Water-types in the sea and now, on land if you’re lucky. Be sure to check PokéStops everyday too in order to retrieve special evolution items because some of those Water-types will need one. Who knows, you may even get lucky enough to find a shiny Pokémon too!