Punch Club Making Its Way to Consoles This Week

Lazy Bear Games’ Punch Club was arguably one of the very first and earliest hidden gems of 2016. And while publisher tinyBuild would go onto to introduce and bring to light a slew of interesting and even acclaimed titles over the coming year, Punch Club remains — at least round these parts — a much-loved title. The game has already been available for PC, mobile devices as well as the 3DS already, but is now finally making its way to current-gen consoles via PS4 & Xbox One. Better still, it’s out on those platforms this week, Friday to be precise.

For those not in the know, Punch Club is a bizarre but intriguing parody-styled mash-up of a boxing simulator — taking the role of a coach aiming to manage and train an upcoming boxer throughout a series of matches, while also diving into mystery/detective realms in working out the identity behind the culprit who killed your father. The game was considered enough of a success, both critically as well as commercially that a sequel was confirmed late last year, albeit in a rather off-the-cuff manner. We don’t know the official release date of Punch Club 2: fast Forward (to give it its full name), but with the original being finally ported over to consoles, you can certain this is tinyBuild’s way of getting the game back into the minds of many prior to the sequel’s inevitable arrival. You can read up on our review of the PC release of the gameĀ here.