Destiny 2 World Premiere Trailer Hits March 30

Bungie has revealed when the first trailer for Destiny 2 will hit, and has a little tease for players.

Yesterday, Bungie confirmed one of the worst-kept secrets in the industry. Destiny 2 is real, and it looks like the Last City is going to suffer some damage. Today, the developer revealed when the first trailer will go live, and offered us a little tease. Cayde-6, played once again by Nathan Fillion, stops for a quick drink during a major battle.

The teaser not only confirms that Fillion is returning and that the Last City is under attack, but also who is attacking. Reports have indicated that the Cabal would be the ones to attack the city, and the teaser confirms this. Brief snippets of Cabal soldiers and ships can be seen in the teaser. How the Cabal managed to attack the city remains a mystery.

Check back March 30 at 10am PT for the full trailer. Destiny 2 is expected sometime in September for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

[UPDATE 3/30] The full trailer, new information and screenshots have been released. Head over here to check them out.