Final Fantasy XIV Nearly F2P Up to Level 35 Thanks to Recent Patch

Starting today trial players of Final Fantasy XIV will no longer be limited to the former 14-day time restriction. Square Enix decided to make this change to give anyone interested a chance to try out the relaunched MMO before the release of their upcoming Stormblood expansion.

The previous version of the trial was only available to new accounts and limited players to 14 days of play time. If you owned a copy of the game you were not eligible. The new version of the trial extends to new and lapsed players alike and doesn’t limit you in anything until you reach level 35. Feel free to join groups, linkshells and dungeons as you’re trying the game out.

This new trial was included in a larger patch that concluded the story in the Heavensward, the most recently released expansion. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood will release on June 20 for PC.