Let it Die Sums Itself Up in a TV Spot

For anyone familiar with Grasshopper Manufacture, then most likely the understanding of just how bombastic the studio can be with its games is nothing new. Let It Die shows off just what it’s all about perfectly in a new TV spot. Even if it came out quietly in December, Let It Die shows it’s not going anywhere.

Let It Die was created by the same minds behind No More Heroes (Travis is back) and Lollipop Chainsaw, so this game is… weird. Anyways, as Uncle Death would say “let’s keep it rollin”, or something like that. Let It Die is a standard Hack-n-Slash, but get this, it’s free-to-play. Taking place in a post-apocalyptic Japan the player is tasked with ascending the Tower of Barbs, yes, it is as awful as it sounds. This place is out to murder anything that enters — just remember, getting to the top is all that matters.

Enough babble though, see what Let It Die is about below — even if familiar, it’s never bad to reacquaint: