Modded N64 Converted into a Dock for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch dock is nothing to fall in love with, it is a simple dock, but Reddit user tettzan777 took it upon himself to mod a broken Nintendo 64 to function as a docking station for the Switch. Taking a broken N64, tettzan777 gutted the parts, and swapped out the controller ports with USB ports instead (smart choice for charging the pro controller or other peripherals). There is one downside in the design, as there is not enough room on the N64 to fit both the Nintendo Switch and its joy-cons. Tettzan777 has posted a video and screenshots of his modded N64 Switch dock, which seemed like a fairly easy mod, albeit having to resize the cartridge port to function as a stand for the Switch. On Imgur there’s images of the work¬†tettzan777¬†invested in creating his own Nintendo Switch docking station.