Be a Giant Robot in Jettomero: Hero of the Universe

Heroes come in all shapes-n-sizes, sometimes that just happens to mean being a giant robot that is definitely so tall your head breaks atmosphere. Developer Ghost Time Games just dropped Jettomeros first trailer and this is already looking/sounding like a game to keep on watch.

Jettomero is about exactly what is described above. The player is a giant robot and it’s up to Jettomero to save humanity, even if they think Jettomero is a giant space monster. This kind lovable robot just wants to help out, unfortunately his size doesn’t make him the best for the job.

Jettomero has no official release date yet but it will be coming to Xbox One with no other consoles on the horizon, at the moment. For now, though, the sweet sounds of the trailer can be found on Bandcamp for free. So, that’s a selling point.

Enjoy the trailer below and see if Jettomero is the hero you’d like to be: