Dragon Quest Heroes II Demo Now Available on PS4

For anyone eagerly awaiting Dragon Quest Heroes II now is the chance to check it out with a demo having gone live today for the PS4 in North America and Europe.

The demo will be just enough to show off what Dragon Quest Heroes battle system is like as well as a few of the different heroes’ players will be able to play as. Out of the 15 playable characters in Dragon Quest Heroes II, four will be playable in the demo. This includes two new characters Lazarel and Teresa and some fan service with Carver (DQVI) and Mirabel (DQVII).

As for what players, can expect to do in the demo, it’s a simple matter of protecting the Greena Pastures with a number of quest and of course the loot that comes with it. This will include standard enemies as well as a boss fight.

Dragon Quest Heroes II is set to release on April 25 for PC and PS4. Additionally, anyone who pre-orders Dragon Quest Heroes II will receive the Day One Explorers Edition which includes a heap of bonus items, PS4 owners will also receive a unique outfit as well as recipe from Dragon Quest Builders.