Superheroes in Space MMORPG Ship of Heroes Launches Kickstarter

Ship of Heroes has been skirting around the internets for quite some time promising to fill the dark hole left by NCsoft’s closing of City of Heroes. Today the game officially launched a Kickstarter and it’s a doozie.

Development studio Heroic Games hopes to acquire $400,000 by Tuesday, May 9, 2017 for their superheroes in space mmorpg vision. Ship of Heroes will feature a robust character creator that allows you to mix and match costume pieces without the fear of clipping! Your character can fly and pick from four different battle roles including Devastator, Enhancer, Brawler and Tanker with two more coming down the road. Taking inspiration from Star Wars Galaxies and of course City of Heroes, Ship of Heroes plans to recreate the atmosphere found in “MMORPGS from the Golden Age of Gaming.”

It’s still got a ways to go with roughly $23K being pledged already. Check out the video showing off the signature hero Dr. Ellen Strikewell and explore the reward tiers if you’d like to be a part of it.