Marvel Heroes Coming to Consoles

You could say we saw this one coming from a mile away but that shouldn’t deter any excitement you have now that Marvel Heroes is officially coming to consoles. The free to play action RPG is making the leap to your tv with a brand new title and trailer.

Marvel Heroes Omega is arriving on consoles this spring and with it comes some changes unique to this version. Jump into the game and experience each character completely free up to level 10. Be sure to try them all out before choosing your initial hero. Play through the new prologue mission to meet the Avengers and get acclimated into the story. After that you’ll begin powering up your hero and collecting others as you grind through the nearly limitless progression system.

“We are beyond excited to share news that Marvel Heroes Omega will be heading to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this Spring! When Gazillion first set out to develop Marvel Heroes Omega, we wanted to create a game that combined the best of what we loved most from our favorite action RPGs and MMOs. That meant a game that combines non-stop action, loot driven RPG progression, and near endless replayability — all set in the fantastic Marvel Universe and all free to download and play.” – Gazillion Lead Game Designer Ben Gilbert

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will only include 38 heroes as opposed to the 65 offered in the Marvel Heroes 2016 PC version. Details about a closed beta will be coming soon but for now enjoy the announcement trailer and screenshots.