War of Crown Pre-Registration Now Available

If there’s one game I’ve personally been waiting for for quite some time now, it has been War of Crown. This is a Final Fantasy Tactics-inspired Strategy-RPG coming from Gamevil and Asone Games, featuring a wide variety of heroes to collect, a fascinating plot and surprisingly deep combat.

While it has gone through a couple of closed beta tests, it looks like War of Crown is almost ready for the masses. Gamevil has announced that they have opened pre-registration for the game, meaning it’ll most likely be out within the next couple of months (if that).

For a simple signup via email, you will earn 300 Garnets (in-game currency), and if you’re using an Android device, you can pre-register through the Google Play Store to earn an additional 50 Garnets.

War of Crown will be available for iOS and Android devices.