April’s Humble Monthly Bundle Has The Witness, Half-Life, Kingdom, More

Well, it’s the first Friday of the month, so it’s time to crack open the latest Humble Monthly offerings in their April bundle and see what games the service is delivering this time around! And it’s pretty clear that the Humble folks went all out in creating an enjoyable Easter basket this month, as all of the offerings are highly prominent titles that have been nominated for or even received various accolades at one point or another. So while no chocolate has been included this time around (sadly), let’s take a further look at what the Humble bunnies left for us…

Fitting in with the theme of Easter and egg hunts, the majority of this month’s games are first-person adventures revolving around having to solve mysteries and/or puzzles. The Witness is the biggest one, and arguably the one best suited for any long weekend, as its mysterious island chock full of challenging puzzles to find and solve will eat up the most time. Then we have Event[0], the sci-fi thriller about being stranded on a spaceship and having to get around by communicating with an AI by actually typing in commands. And transitioning from adventure to adventure with some horror bits to full on horror, we also have Layers of Fear, where the eggs in this metaphorical hunt are replaced by madness and demons created by the insanity of a mad painter’s head. Fun for the whole family! And this is the Masterpiece Edition of Layers of Fear complete with the Inheritance DLC, so that should extend the fun even further.

Sticking with first-person but moving from adventure games to shooters, we also have Black Mesa, the fan-made re-imagining of none other than the legendary Half-Life, still in Early Access. And then moving back into themes of exploration but leaving first-person for a 2D view, we come across Kingdom: New Lands, the pixelated strategy game about building, managing, and protecting your own kingdom, tricked out with the new updates added last year. And while it doesn’t represent first-person games or titles about mystery and exploration, our main six ends with Tumblestone, the action-puzzle game which happens to involve a ton of colorful blocks that you can imagine as being like candy, so there.

But lest you think that our basket only contains acclaimed titles from the past year, the Humble Monthly Debut this month is none other than Slime-san, which you may recognize from today’s review as potentially being one of 2017’s most creative platformers, as you use pinpoint precision to help our titular slime escape a serpent’s belly. And closing with our Humble Original, we have Jawns, a strategy board game where you can remix the rules.

So a delicious Easter basket all around with a lot of variety for all, but now we have to start thinking about Mother’s Day. And what better gifts than Inside and DiRT Rally, which will be included in next month’s bundle and which you can unlock immediately by joining up or paying early? It truly is the greatest gift possible! And we’ll be back in four weeks to help celebrate with the rest of the latest Humble Monthly fixings, so stay tuned!