Master X Master Closed Beta Goes Live

Looking for something to get lost in this weekend and for the remainder of the month while all your cool friends soak up the sun at Coachella? Well look no further than NCSOFT’s latest offering, Master X Master, which has today launched a closed beta. The beta includes PvE Stages, minigames, PvP modes and more. Exclusive giveaways and promotions will be ran during the closed beta, so it’d be a good idea to go ahead and get a head start if you plan to play the game at launch.

The game is free to with three Founder’s Packs optionally available to purchase. Register for the beta here and check out the Founder’s Pack details below:

Recruit Pack – $19.99
·         Masters: Cagnazzo, Taejin, Innowin, Demenos
·         Skins: Steampunk Innowin, DevKit Innowin
·         Unique Title: Battle Tested

Solider Pack – $59.99
All the Recruit Pack content plus:
·         Masters: Jinsoyun, Sonid, Vita, Ignuma
·         Skins: Inmate Cagnazzo
·         Starter Kit: Gold Booster T-2 (3 days); XP Booster T-2 (3 days); Auto-Collector (3 days); Life Charger (x3); Noah Recovery Kit (x3); Noah Burst Heal Kit  (x3)
·         Unique Title: Sol Warrior
·         Name reservation

Master Pack – $99.99
All the Recruit/Soldier Pack content plus:
·         Masters: Statesman, Vonak, Lilu, Maia, Jingtai, Nedien, Moro
·         Skins: Mobster Taejin, Little Dragon Jingtai, Lifeguard Vonak
·         Unique Title: Scourge of Atlas
·         Digital Soundtrack: Immediate download