Rebellion Interested in Creating A Judge Dredd Game

It was only a little over a month ago that developer/publisher Rebellion Developments announced that following their acquisition of many of comic line 2000AD’s IP’s, they had begun work on bringing Rogue Trooper back into the video game space with its HD remaster, Redux. However another notable character/IP lying within the license is none other than Judge “I Am The Law” Dredd and in the latest issue of MCV, Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley, expresses both his and the studio’s interest in making a Dredd game a reality.

“We wanted to do more 2000AD games and I said to the team here ‘let’s find some people to do some more 2000AD’…” Kingsley explains. “…IT would say we haven’t got more space in the office…I’d like to see Judge Dredd.” Kingsley notes how fans of the comic line have repeatedly asked the company on whether anymore comic series would be seeing a video game adaptation of some kind. But already, he goes on, the team have had numerous pitches sent into them on the potential concept, not to mention scale, of such a project from studios far and wide. Kingsley states the studio is flexible on the type of game this may be, whether it’s something as small-scale as a mobile app or as grand as a sandbox/open-World title for PC and/or consoles.

While Judge Dredd isn’t the most commercially-known character, his appearances in comics — not to mention a few films here and there — has certainly maintained his strong cult status over the years so a new frontier into video games wouldn’t go unnoticed. Rebellion’s already-announced 2000AD property, Rogue Trooper: Redux is planned for release on PS4, Xbox One & Switch in the near future.