NA LCS Quarterfinals: Counter Logic Gaming vs FlyQuest

The last match of the week belongs to CLG and FlyQuest who had polar opposite paths to their current matchup.

FlyQuest came into this season as the old men. 4/5 players on the team were, for all intents and purposes, considered retired after their time with Cloud9 had ended.

They came into the split expected to be at the bottom of the LCS and ended up smashing the competition to eventually sit in second place for a few weeks. Known for their innovative picks and exceptional shotcalling, FlyQuest found a way to always take a series no matter if they were ahead early or not.

That all changed at about the mid-season mark when the cheese picks started to lose their luster and resulted in losses. The team fell out of the top two teams and had to fight for their playoff lives. Week five is where everything went bad and they ended the season 3-7 from that point.

On the other side is CLG who never seemed to get things going throughout the split, but managed to get a spot in the playoffs.

Their wins haven’t been impressive and even Aphromoo will say that, but a win is a win and it’s allowed them to make it this far. Also in their last match CLG managed to beat FlyQuest 2-0.

So with luck on their side, recent matchup history and FlyQuest playing far too many non-meta champs things are looking up for CLG in today’s match. But even with all of that on their side you have to remember that the team they are playing is FlyQuest or the original members of Cloud9.

This is the team that has always made their presence felt in the most lopsided of games. The team that brought back Hai in the jungle role and managed to make their way through the gauntlet and to worlds after barely qualifying for playoffs. This FlyQuest team, even with their losses to end the season, have the advantage purely because of their pedigree.

In a five game series you’d be crazy to count against Hai when the other team isn’t one of the best. If there’s a way to pull out a win he’ll find it. I’m taking FlyQuest 3-2 over CLG.

  • Counter Logic Gaming vs FlyQuest (3-2)