G2A Issues Follow-Up Statement on Gearbox Partnership

After Gearbox Publishing pulled out on their plans to sell a Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Collector’s Edition exclusively through controversial key reseller G2A on Friday, G2A has responded with their perspective on the situation.

In a statement from G2A Team Member Maciej Kuc, the site has stated that they are “saddened” by all of the “confusion” and “inaccurate information” that has surfaced over the past week in regards to G2A. G2A centers their blame on Youtubers who covered this issue, specifically John “Totalbiscuit” Bain, and their “rash actions” that led to Gearbox’s list of ultimatums that were posted last week, as a final attempt to prolong their partnership with the site.

The statement continues with G2A going into detail on each of the ultimatums, stating their view on why they believe that these claims have already been met. The report concludes with Kuc reissuing the belief that G2A will “do everything in our power to uphold the best possible relationships with developers and ensure the highest standards in the fight against dishonest sellers”, and reaffirms that the site is “open to meetings and discussions with anyone who has doubts about how our marketplace works.”

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