Steam is Getting Some Sega Hard Girls This Summer

They can be vapid and overly silly, but I still have an unhealthy portion of affection for the Neptune franchise. Idea Factory, Compile Heart, and various other developers have came together and made a junk food JRPG series that almost always manages to brighten the darkness in my cholesterol encrusted heart. Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls was a particularly special series entry, in that it provided a time travelling take on the franchise that added a bit more depth to the familiar maps and added in some love for Sega. Also, Neptune was transformed into a motorcycle. It’s a little weird.

Anyhow, Idea Factory has announced today that the title, previously exclusive to the Vita, will be making its way to Steam this Summer. This will allow the stylistic anime aesthetic to be rendered in 1080p. Not to say the Vita version looked like garbage, but it’ll be cool to see it on this new fangled monitor of mine. At this point, there isn’t a specific release date targeted, but Summer is right around the corner. Anyone without a Vita who is curious as to what this title has to offer can check out our review.