Viz Media to Release Revised Edition of Let’s Find Pokémon

Yes, the name of the game is to catch all the Pokémon but when it comes to these books you just need to locate them instead. There have been a few published books from the series as it started from the Kanto region and went all the way up to Sinnoh with some spin-offs along the way.

Now, fans of these familiar books can enjoy them once more in the Let’s Find Pokémon! Special Complete Edition. This version includes 30 fully illustrated pages by Kazunori Aihara. There will be cute images of Pokémon interacting with one another and the environments. It’s up to you to search them all out to complete the book’s challenges.

The Special Complete Edition is a combination of the first three books. It retails for about $17.99 and is set to release in July. It’s perfect for new fans and old to enjoy a bit of fun.