Dawn of War 3’s New Opening Campaign Cinematic is Brutal

If Dawn of War 3’s upcoming beta announcement from Sega wasn’t enough, Sega and Relic Entertainment have released the opening cinematic for the single player campaign.

Looking at the video, it gives players some context on what to expect, where the Orks ravaging the planet Cyprus, against the wishes of the Inquisition. The cinematic is brief, but the game includes a multiplayer, which is about as deep as the single player, offering players army customization as far as elite unit selection, color schemes, in addition to other features. Doctrines, when applied to your army will change their play style as units will respond accordingly to enemy attacks.

These small touches – like color schemes, and doctrines make a great connection to the game’s tabletop heritage. The game is set to release April 27 as a PC exclusive.