ARMS Releasing This June, 2v2 Mode Announced

Promoted as one of the two main components to today’s latest Nintendo Direct, it’s not surprising that a lot of new info was unveiled for Nintendo’s upcoming one-on-one fighter (and new IP) ARMS. But the fights won’t simply be one-on-one it’s been revealed as the game will also allow for team-based, two-versus-two battles. On top of the unveiling of a new character along with some sneak peaks of the customizable arms players can equip on either side, ARMS will also feature an in-game currency that, as more matches are played, will allow for┬áthe subsequently unlocking of more abilities as players progress.

There’s no indication however on whether Nintendo will incorporate any degree of microtransaction policy in regards to the game’s currency or whether it will be based solely on play-time. Finally, it’s been confirmed that the game will launch for Switch on June 16 in both the US & Europe. You can catch up on all of the new info regarding ARMS in the video below.