Graze Counter Looking for a Little Steam Love on Greenlight

Greenlight may be on its last legs but it’s not over yet, and there are still a surprising number of good games that show up on the service on a regular basis.  Graze Counter is the latest example of this, and it’s the full version of a demo that came out last summer.  Graze Counter Lite is a limited version of the bullet-hell vertical shooter, with three characters, a handful of specials to choose from, multiple control configurations, and several game modes.  Graze Counter, the version on Greenlight, promises eight fighters total (all cute girls in spaceships, of course) to tear through five levels of shooting, with all of the Lite version’s modes included and expanded.

As the name implies, Graze Counter is a shooter about grazing bullets.  Grazing has three effects- activating a special ability, filling up a power gauge, and sending the score through the roof.  The special ability is player’s choice, and Lite comes with three to choose from.  One activates a temporary shield, another cancels bullets when you graze them for a couple of seconds, the third slowly charges a single-hit shield, and while it’s not mentioned in the Greenlight campaign it seems likely there will be a few more in the full release.  The second effect of grazing is charging a gauge on the bottom left of the screen, and when it’s over 65% full you can release a counter attack laser that cuts through enemies and bullets leaving nothing but collectible stars behind.  The stars fill up another gauge on the bottom right, and when that’s full you get a mega-attack that, while it doesn’t counter bullets, covers such a large section of the screen with such force that dodging the few shots enemies have time to throw out shouldn’t be too hard to manage.  Finally, grazing also powers up the score multiplier, which can get completely out of hand if you can properly exploit never being more than a few pixels from death.  It’s a very focused gameplay system, and the single level of Graze Counter Lite is more than enough to get excited to see what the full game has in store.

You can get Graze Counter Lite from here by paging down to the big green Download Game Data button near the bottom of the page, and its Greenlight page is right here looking for a spare vote or two.  It’s hard to say why the Lite version isn’t linked off the Greenlight page, but it’s well worth checking out and should easily earn the full game’s spot on the Steam storefront.