Kirby Lingerie Line Will Let You Live Out Fantasies

Yes, someone made a Kirby lingerie line. Peach John collaborates with Nintendo for this pink mascot clothing line in celebration of Kirby’s 25 anniversary. The line includes a mini one-piece that makes you look like a deflated Kirby.

But these pajamas look adorable and they have Kirby written all over them in Japanese. There’s also a transparent Kirby backpack for sale.

To accompany the pajamas there is also a sleep mask with a pair of agitated Kirby eyes on the front.

You can also have Kirby on your butt with these pair of Kirby panties.

Lastly, there is this bustier which I have to say doesn’t look that bad. These articles of clothing are available to purchase in Japan’s Yummy Mart starting April 26.