Race the Sun in VR on PS4, Beta VR on PC

It’s somehow been three and a half years since Race the Sun originally came out but the game is still getting updates.  By now it’s settled down into its semi-final form, of course, but one of the features it was demo-ed with during the Rift’s pre-consumer days was VR.  Due to a few speed-bumps and other distractions along the way it took longer than originally intended to implement, but as of Tuesday the PS4 version has full PS VR support, and there’s also a beta version you can choose to opt-in on for Steam.

The PS4 update has a few extra goodies in there as well, most notably the Sunrise mode that’s DLC on the PC version.  Sunrise is a relaxing chill-out ride that never gets harder, with the whole point being to kick back and enjoy the flight through a serene fantasy landscape.  Both PC and PS4 now come with a first-person view, and the bonus levels get a major update in the form of four new worlds to visit.  It’s an impressively heft update for a years-old arcade game.

As for the VR support, while I don’t have a PS VR I do have a Rift to test it with, and it’s an excellent addition.  First-person and standard view work equally well, and I found myself easily making it to zones that I’d have considered an excellent run to reach before.  While it’s nice to think my skill has improved, the VR controls just feel tighter than when playing on a standard screen.  The VR does show the limitations on the draw distance, though, and the PC version has a few bugs to iron out before it’s an actual addition to the game rather than an optional beta.  The VR viewpoint does a great job of enhancing the sense of speed, though, and being able to reach more complicated areas does nice things towards making it worth replaying a game I’ve already put plenty of hours into.  If you’ve got Race the Sun and a headset already then it’s worth plugging the one into the other, but if you’ve got the hardware but are somehow missing the game then it’s worth a once-over to fly through its worlds as they blast past your face at maximum velocity.