SNES Mini Could Be Out By The Year’s End?

With the popular (and rather scarce) presence of the NES Mini, it was only natural for the internet to debate whether Nintendo would make a similarly-compact version of their successor system, the Super Nintendo — or SNES as it’s more commonly referred to — outside of the recent news, sad as it may be, that the NES Mini’s limited production would be discontinued altogether. Well a source has told Eurogamer today that Nintendo are already planning to release a SNES Mini later¬†this year, more specifically during the Christmas period.

The system, like the NES Mini, will be easy to set-up and will include a series of pre-loaded titles from the beloved fourth-generation console, though the supposed list is neither confirmed nor a conversation that will be dying down anytime soon; the Super Nintendo’s library is regarded by many as one of the best for any console with a whole-host of universally-acclaimed first-party titles alone in the form of Super Mario World, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past & Super Metroid to name but a few of the machine’s notable releases.