Win a Pac-Man Arcade Machine from the Washington Lottery

Winning a million bucks would be a sweet deal but getting to own a Pac-Man arcade cabinet is even better! The Washington Lottery has revealed new scratch offs featuring the classic video game and you could win your very own cabinet!

They are modeled after the original screen that you actually get to play through. You have three chances to win, just start on a Pac-Man icon and keep scratching until you run into a ghost and it’s game over. If you find fruit you win the amount given and eventually you could end up at a grand prize when exiting the maze. Either cash or the arcade game can be yours! Check out a video explanation of the game below and good luck!

The tickets have been made available since April 19 and can be found throughout retail locations in the state of Washington. However, there are even more video game prizes to try and win. The Washington Lottery is also giving you a chance to obtain a PlayStation VR Bundle and NES Classic if you join them for the launch celebration of Pac-Man tickets. Have a look at the website for more details.

Source: Nerd Fu