Apparently You’ll Need to Register Your Phone Number to Play DOTA 2

DOTA 2 will now require players to register their phone number to play ranked matches online starting May 4. Valve announced this information in a blog post the other day. This change is to restrict players from registering multiple accounts that affects the matchmaking experience negatively. Of course this won’t eliminate multiple accounts from a single user completely, but it will create a noticeable difference. You can play Unranked all you want without registering your phone number. Players who currently have their phone number attached to their account will still need to go through a confirmation step when playing Ranked starting May 4.

A couple of other changes are being made with this new patch. Solo queing was absent for a little while, but it’s coming back. Solo players will have the option to be able to matched with other solo players specifically. In addition, if your solo rating is higher than your party rating you will be matched with a higher ranking.