Shadow of War Shows Off Gear, Items and Other Content

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, following up Shadow of Mordor, is already looking to be a tighter game. With an exclusive look (thanks IGN) Shadow of War shows just one of the systems making that happen. The video giving a quick rundown of equipment and item management.

The most immediate thing is the inventory system is completely different. This game just keeps looking better and better. Now Talion has a full range of weapon and armor options at his disposal. As stated in the video though, these things don’t come free. Talion will have to earn his gear, especially the exceptional stuff. Instead of sticking with the same ol’ sword-n-dagger from the first game, having a range of weapons is a huge addition. Allowing for more creative play. The same thing can be said for the armor and ring Talion now finds in his possession. He is possessed by Celebrimbor after all.

The other big addition, besides having weapon/armor options is the addition of gems and ruins. Following suit to Diablo III, this allows for amping up already beefy items. Thought that dagger Talion just looted from the bloated corpse of Orc such-n-such was sweet? Well socket a gem in that puppy, now it’s next level. As per-usual with gems/ruins Shadow of War presents these as collections. Earn a full collection, or even part of one and the bonuses start to unlock.

With this addition of customization for Talion it only means he will be even more of a killing machine. These improvements go both ways too. Not only will Talion see the benefits but so will Celebrimbor. Double whammy, yes please. For the full rundown check out the video below: