Become an Amnesiac Wizard in VR with Runes: The Forgotten Path

Being an ancient and mighty wizard with all the powers of creation and destruction at your fingertips doesn’t do a whole lot of good if you can’t remember any of it.  Leth woke up in his sanctuary one day at a complete loss as to where he was, but seeing as it’s an ongoing process that the Memento-version of himself was aware of he’s left notes and other pointers to get back up to speed.  He wasn’t so polite to himself to not leave the small one-room house in a bit of a mess, though, so even just figuring out how to go outside is a bit of a puzzle, and one that’s easily ignored as hints of other things you can do are scattered throughout the room.

Runes: The Forgotten path is the story of a wizard learning how he got to his present state and what to do about it, presented in VR and complete with a Vive-optimized demo.  It just landed on Kickstarter today, and while the demo physics are a bit wonky in its super-early state it’s well worth a look.  As an Oculus owner I could only do so much, but what I saw left me wanting to go hands-on with its detailed world and gesture-based magic.  Just about everything in the wizard’s room is interactive, and solving your way out involves exploring and reading a few dusty old tomes to get up to speed with the magic system.  Magic is cast by drawing a sigil in the air, learned from books hidden throughout the wizard’s home, and this is where the demo ended for me due to it needing a Vive to make the magic work properly in the current state.  The game will be fully compatible with both headsets eventually but at the moment you need a Vive to do more than basic exploration.

There’s more to do than poke around the wizard’s room, and once you’ve stopped playing with the physics, lighting candles, organizing the magic drawers, etc. there’s a world outside to check out.  Like the wizard’s room it will make full use of room-scale play, but in the larger areas the view changes to third-person when running around.  Exploration has the player as observer, while interaction springs right back to first-person mode again.  If you’ve got the Vive then it’s well worth giving the demo a look to see how the gameplay elements all fit together, interacting with and exploring the lost wizard’s world.

Runes: The Forgotten Path’s Kickstarter can be found right over here, complete with a handy link to the demo right near the top of the page.