Super Rude Bear Resurrection Offers $1,000 For a No-Death Run

Truly hardcore and skilled gamers often dream of or aim for pulling off the perfect death-free playthrough of their favorite game, be it a speed run or otherwise. And the more difficult the game is, the more impressive the feat, but what does it say when a developer is so confident in their new game’s difficulty that they’re putting up a $1,000 cash prize to the first person to beat the game without dying? Because that’s what Alex Rose is doing with his new platformer, Super Rude Bear Resurrection.

Super Rude Bear Resurrection’s normal hook is that your corpse stays exactly where it is each time you die, meaning you can use it as a platform or a shield the next time around, so every new run is less difficult with each death. But the game also has an optional “Rainbow Challenge” mode where players only get one life. If you’re the first person to beat that mode, record the results, and post them online, you may indeed be able to score a cool grand. The official announcement can be seen below, detailing the rules as well. Super Rude Bear Resurrection comes out for the PS4 on May 2 and Steam on May 5, so that should give you a few days to prepare for a run.