Screenshot Saturday Featuring Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse, Many More

The weekend brings another Screenshot Saturday with it, mostly because if you’ve got a Saturday, there’s going to be screenshots posted.  It’s how Twitter works, when used in the service of Good.  Every week is a new torrent of information, screens, and videos showing off what people have been working on over the week, and this feature culls a dozen-ish from the lot based on the purely subjective criteria of how visually interesting the shot is.  Some developers are very good at making cool images, so if there’s the occasional game that gets featured more often than others one week to the next that would be why.  There are endless dozens of games to see in the weekly event (plus the occasional non-game related pic because it’s not like there’s Screenshot Saturday police keeping the hashtag pure) so it’s always but to browse through and see what else might be hiding in there.

Superflight- Strap into a wingsuit and explore endless blocky worlds, searching for the best routes while avoiding the unyielding rock walls that are nowhere near as fun to fly through as the air. The worlds are random but you can save them to explore, finding insane routes for maximum score.

Flotsam- Build a town on a watery world, floating wherever the current may take you in search of resources to grow and survive. Fresh water isn’t easy to come by on an ocean world, but the junk to transform into buildings and ships is a little more plentiful.

Trip- Colorful VR tunnel shooter. Sometimes simple is good.

Rhenium- Top-down shooter with fancy particle effects on its flamethrower. The blowback when the blue section of the flame hits something is a nice touch.

Jettomero: Hero of the Universe- A giant robot flies around space and sometimes lumbers around on planets to fight monsters. A little clumsily, but it’s a reasonable side-effect of being bigger than a moon.

Mr Donovan- Like a MOBA except single-player, explore a world and find pets to help you fight against the weird creatures wandering about. Or just watch them bloop about if you’re feeling peaceful.

Crash World- Grab a vehicle and cause as much trouble as possible before meeting an untimely end, possibly with a sign to the face due to not paying attention to proper seating habit.  There’s a demo over here to check out, if you want to have blocky little cars explode in firey mayhem.

Unnamed- Slowly warping asymmetrical purple geometry just because it’s hypnotically pretty.

Shakedown Hawaii- Not an exercise sim, no matter how bursting with life and vitality our aged protagonist may be. Tear through Hawaii causing as much trouble as possible in a throwback to the SNES days.

PsychoDelia- Run and explore a world torn from a black velvet UV painting. Create islands, grow and shrink, get extra speed from fields of flowers, and just assume there must have been a rabbit hole somewhere that led to this trippy landscape.

Desert Child- Hoverbike shooter, not a lot of detail aside from that. Pixel-scaling and parallax always looks fantastic.

Rifter-  Run and jump and swing like mad to scythe through enemies and reach the goal fast and stylishly.  There’s a prototype over here that’s got a good chunk of gaming in it, well worth a play.

Unnamed-  Also Undefined.  It’s a game in search of itself, but the gist is that you explore a forest in first person, finding ruins and other lost pieces of an abandoned place, and sometimes you need to watch out for the creepy searching eye of walking houses.

Bonus Image-

VALA- Stands for Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse, which explains so very much about what’s going on here.