Earn More Mega Stones in Pokémon During the 2017 International Challenge May

While the April challenge literally just ended the other day, there are no breaks or time outs in the world of Pokémon. The month just started but the 2017 International Challenge May has already been announced.

Trainers will get to compete in double battle action for more Mega Stones. You can only use Pokémon that are acquired native to Alola. You can check that by finding a black clover shape on its summary page. Participants receive three Mega Stones yet again. This time it’s Tyranitar, Abomasnow and Manectric.

Registration for the competition begins on May 17. The actual battling doesn’t start until May 26 to May 28. Get the full details on the official post and prepare your Pokémon Sun and Moon teams for battle!