Visit Toys”R”Us May 13 for a Free Pokémon Event

It’s always a great time to gather with fans and play or discuss one of your hobbies. Pokémon is no different and Toy”R”Us continues their fun with a free event at many store locations.

Visitors get to snatch up a couple of neat goodies. You will receive a special promotional Alolan Vulpix trading card, a TCG album featuring Tapu Koko and Lycanroc plus the first 50 guests receive an Eevee figure. There will be various activities to partake in as well as trading and gaming with other fans.

This event is only held on May 13 and lasts just a couple of hours from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Fans ages 6 and up are welcome to participate! Check out the Toys”R”Us website for information along with the images below.