Horizon: Zero Dawn Receiving Patch That Will Enhance Photo Mode

Without a doubt, Horizon: Zero Dawn is one gorgeous game. Today via the PlayStation blog, Guerrilla Games announced that they will only be improving the visual magic that can come from this game. Update 1.20 will release next week and with it some wonderful perks.

Anyone who has played Horizon has most likely taken dozen if not hundreds of photos (600+ myself) and it’s obvious why. The game looks incredible — not to repeat. Patch 1.20 will bring many additions to Horizon’s Photo Mode. This includes; new filters, a grid option, greetings that can be slapped on and options for selecting poses/facial expressions for Aloy. This insures that whatever image one is trying to capture there will be no problem getting it. Guerrilla was even kind enough to throw in some images showing off this new Photo Mode.

Horizon 1.20 will also feature many other minor updates, specifically asked for from the fan community. Changing camera/aim sensitivity is a simple slider now. Supports for the map legend allowing for filter options (that map could get bogged down) and HUD customization options. Patch 1.20 also comes with Spanish language option now for North American versions of the game. This includes full audio and subtitle support.

For a full rundown of the patch notes click here. For now, just keep enjoying the beauty that is Horizon: Zero Dawn.