Prey to Have 1.3GB Day One Patch

While Bethesda may well be maintaining their policy of sending out review copies only a day prior to release, that hasn’t stopped certain outlets getting their hands on Arkane’s upcoming reboot of Prey due to certain retailers breaking street date. According to Gadgets360, Prey will require download of a 1.3GB day one patch — on top of the already-confirmed 40GB for the game itself — based on the PS4 version, that aims to fix a string of bugs and minor glitches that surfaced during the game’s recent public demo.

Among many fixes, the patch aims to improve technical areas such as the game’s frame-rate and sound stutters in part, as well as improving the effectiveness of particular weapons and the ways in which they are used on specific enemies. Not to mention, a notable enemy variant that was somehow able to shoot at you through walls on occasion has now been fixed. We’ll be sure to offer up our verdict on Prey when it’s made¬†available for PS4, Xbox One & PC this Friday, May 5.