Sony Reveals E3 2017 Press Conference Date, Time

The year’s biggest gaming convention is just over a month away, and just like in years past, Sony has thrown their name into the ring by announcing the date and time for this year’s press conference.

While EA and Microsoft have both decided to abandon their usual timeslots in favor of earlier dates, Sony will be sticking with their usual Monday evening window, with this year’s E3 press conference taking place on June 12 at 6 PM PT. The “Media Showcase”, as Sony is referring to it, will take place in the Shrine Auditorium, as it has both last year and in 2014. While the PlayStation developer didn’t mention which titles would be on display, one could likely assume that there will be new footage for God of War, Spider-man, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and The Last of Us: Part 2, among others.

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