Smashbox Arena Coming to PlayStation VR

The team at BigBox VR has been using VR since 2015, and began crafting Smashbox Arena just to explore areas. It went from a concept to a full-fledged game, and have spent over 43,000 playing it and ensuring that is a blast to play for everyone. Today, the team at Archiact announced that the game will be coming to PlayStation VR this coming summer. It’s been available on Steam since December, but console gamers will finally have a chance to play it and see what it’s like to shoot, play with a team, and hide behind cover while planning things out with your allies soon enough.

It uses physics for its power-ups and allows you to play in either single-player or online with friends and enemies whenever you see fit. It has been heralded as being easy to play, but hard to master – and does require real-life movement to succeed as you doge and weave out of the way of enemy fire. A price point hasn’t been announced, but with it being $19.99 on PC, it seems fairly likely that the console release will either be that exact price or fairly close to it. The game will launch in North America, Europe, and Japan on PSVR – so headet owners across the globe will be able to enjoy it.