Collect the Pokémon TCG Guardians Rising Expansion Now

Along with every release of a Pokémon comes additional collectibles for fans to enjoy. The TCG series just received an all new expansion featuring Alolan deities and powerful native forms.

The Guardians Rising set includes over 140 new cards. You can find Tapu Koko-GX, Lycanroc-GX and Alolan Ninetales-GX which are part of the generation 7 newcomers. There’s also Metagross-GX and Sylveon-GX to represent oldies but goodies. Themed decks and booster packs will be available again.

This all coincides with a special Lycanroc GameStop distribution which you can see more of in our article. Read about some of the previous Sun and Moon trading cards as well and take a look at the Guardians Rising expansion in videos below.