Deadly Premonition Gets a Cryptic Teaser For a Board Game

Well, count this under the list of things we didn’t expect to see pop up out of the blue today. A sudden teaser has popped up in regards to the further adventures of one Francis York Morgan, protagonist of the the cult game Deadly Premonition, which you can check out below. We hear Jeff Kramer as York speak to Zach as we zoom out from a cup of coffee to reveal four classified files, before we get a title of Deadly Premonition: The Board Game.

Outside of this trailer and the involvement of publishers Rising Star Games, though, no other known details have been released yet. Is this an actual physical board game? A digital board game? A digital board game that’s part of an ARG, suggesting the road to a new, full-fledged Deadly Premonition game? The game’s website has a timer counting down to 4:00 PM EST on Tuesday, May 9, so we’ll arguably learn a bit more then. But for now, your best guess is as good as any.