FlatOut 4: Total Insanity Console Edition Now in Stores

The FlatOut series has been one designed around a particular philosophy: take a regular arcade racer and remove any sense of dignity from the proceedings via a chainsaw surgical procedure. This allowed players to be as ridiculous as humanly possible, launching the driver out of the vehicle into a dart board being one example among myriad other nonsense. From the looks of things, though we haven’t gotten hands on it yet, it seems that the Kylotonn’s FlatOut 4: Total Insanity follows suit. Released today for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $49.99, the title promises:

  • Customizable Cars: Unlock 27 cars to customize and race, including tributes to fan favorites and new additions to the garage;
  • Dynamic Tracks: 20 tracks including traditional derby racing, time trials, arenas, assault levels, carnage levels and much more;
  • Destructible Environments: Vehicular havoc and destruction return to the world of racing with high speed collisions and wild destructible environments;
  • The Legendary Stunt Mode: Six new stunts and six re-imagined classic stunt mini-games await fans in search of epic collisions and death-defying maneuvers;
  • Arena Mode: Three gameplay styles including Death Match, Capture the Flag and Survivor;
  • New Assault Mode: An arsenal of deadly weapons slow or destroy opponents;
  • Single Player Campaign: Experience Race, Destroy and Stuntman modes offline before showing off your skills in multiplayer races;
  • Hot Seat Mode: Players take turns in hot seat competition of Stunts;
  • Multiplayer Mayhem: Competitive local and online modes allow up to eight players to master destruction arenas, race courses and set traps.

That seems reason enough to give this a look. I, for one, would welcome some fresh wanton vehicular destruction in my life.