Starfire, Red Hood, and Sub-Zero Revealed as DLC for Injustice 2

Yesterday, NetherRealm Studios said that they would be announcing the first wave of the DLC roster today and it has been revealed in a new trailer. Injustice 2’s first three DLC characters will be Starfire, Red Hood, and Sub-Zero. Starfire is the exiled princess from Tamaran and best known as a member of Teen Titans. Red Hood is the former sidekick turned villain of Batman’s, and as you know Sub-Zero is from Mortal Kombat. These three will be included in the $79.99 Digital Deluxe Edition of Injustice 2 and also the $99.99 Ultimate Edition. In the trailer we get a look at each of three characters’ models for Injustice 2 and at the end there is tease of six more DLC characters, two of which are clearly Black Manta and Raiden.