Screenshot Saturday Featuring My Friend Pedro, Block’Hood, Many More

Screenshot Saturday marches ever onward with no rest or break, assuming you don’t count the six days of the week that aren’t Saturday.  Every week is more pictures, videos, and other goodies from games in development than one could possibly believe, parading through the Twitter hashtag by the hundreds.  Developers show off what they’ve been up to, how the latest project is coming along, or what gameplay tweak or visual polish has been applied to the current project, depending on what’s been accomplished during the week.  This feature trims the huge list of Everything down to a more managable chunk of about a dozen-ish images, plus a bonus.  Seeing as most people post videos or .gifs it’s always a good idea to see what the images look like in motion, even if it requires a manual click.

Cowmets- Imagine, if you will, a spherical cow.  Ludum Dare game where you get to be a space-cowboy lasso-ing your herd of theoretical shorthands under control.

Dogventure- It’s important for the wet doggy to dry itself off by the fire to the scent of it’s moist and steaming fur can properly suffuse the environment. Puzzle-platformer game with a smart, adventurous dog who’s a good boy, who’s a very good boy!

Un Pas Fragile- Help a frog ballerina from her entry to the academy through her stage debut, guiding her movements through moments of her life along the way. The animation may be fairly minimal but the wonderful expressiveness of the simple art sells every motion.

Hyperun- Drive fast, drive crazy, never stop. Ninety-degree turns and mad stunts are all part of staying on a road that’s not really set up for vehicles that obey standard laws of physics, but it’s bright and shiny so screw science.

Nebula Wander- You’re a planet and there’s a universe of amazing things out there. Sure, it’s safe and cozy in the Goldilocks Zone around the home sun, but out there away from safety is Everything. Build a few defenses and some blasty-weapons, strap on the planetary thrusters, and see what the universe has to offer.

Block’Hood- Don’t build a city, build a neighborhood. It’s a neighborhood built straight up, using minimal land for maximum efficiency, and you’ll need to balance the intake and output of resources to keep all the blocks running, but the result is a functioning little self-contained vertical village.

My Friend Pedro- A talking banana inspires a blood-soaked kill frenzy, primarily because bananas are dicks. Popping a goon’s head off and using it to deface the next enemy justifies any level of carnage, though.

Quote- Knowledge is bad, making people miserable and argumentative, so take arms in the service of Bliss and eradicate all the learning you can find. There’s a whole lot of Weird out there to fight through, as it turns out.

Deep Rock Galactic- Space Dwarves. If you’re going to mine the hazards of space either single-player of co-op, what better way to do it than as a space dwarf?

Mystic Melee-  Side-scrolling action platformer with plenty of magic combat.  There are four different mages to play as in single player and you can go all Smash Bros. on your friends with them in multiplayer.

Unnamed-  Fine! Rabbit Season!  You win!

Final Fleet-  With a fighter ship in each hand, fly through the enemy fleet in VR and annihilate all in your path.  Why hold a gun when you can dual-wield laser-armed warships of destruction?

Bonus Image-

Steel Hunters-  The problem with incremental change is that, as the phrase implies, it’s incremental.  Progress doesn’t feel like the giant step forward that inspires a creator to keep going when it’s just a little bit nicer day by day.  Sometimes it’s necessary to poke your head up from a project and compare where it’s been to where it is in order to get a good sense of perspective.