The First Seven Levels of Polybius, Narrated by Yak

It’s almost time for a new Llamasoft shooter, its first since the incredible TxK, and in anticipation of Polybius’ May 10 release Jeff Minter explains how its shooty systems fit together.  In its most basic form, the object is to fly fast, go through gates to fly faster, shoot the pills for powerups, and settle into the rhythm of a hyperspeed action that’s almost paradoxically meditative.  A big part of this is due to the game being a full 120 FPS in VR.  Not faked by 60FPS doubled, but 120FPS per eyeball.  While that’s great for VR, the game also runs nicely on a regular tv, has had serious optimizations done for 3D tvs, and can easily do 4K on a PS4 Pro.  What this means is that the speed isn’t hobbled by lost frames, letting the player sink into a frictionless sense of motion that can be oddly relaxing despite the crazed action popping everywhere.

The 13-minute video below is self-explanatory, but one comment in particular stands- “The gameplay that feels best is also the gameplay that scores well.”  That the description of a shooter that wants to make its players happy. Also, convenient as Youtube is, for a non-compressed version of the video check out the original version as a direct download from the Llamasoft site.