Forts Mode Making Its Way to Worms W.M.D

Worms W.M.D — the latest in the occult turn-based strategy series — has just landed the latest in its series of free content updates, in the shape of a new Forts Mode. Choosing from one of up to six differently-themed forts — Castle Hassle, Donkey Dig, Reactor, Haunted, Pink Peril & Rocket — players must either defend their fort or successfully infiltrate the opponent’s own, whilst not forgetting to throw in the ocassional explosive destruction along the way.

The new content comes as part of a major update which sees, among minor bug fixes and tweaks, the introduction of a new, community-made weapon, the Magnetised Drone, as well as new rewards to suit your worm units up with. The update is available now on PC with console iterations receiving this free content in the near future. Worms W.M.D originally released in August of last year and is available for PS4, Xbox One & PC. You can check out the accompanying trailer below which showcases the new Forts Mode in action.