Risk of Rain 2 Announced, Explores Trendy New 3D Fad

Risk  of Rain was one of the big Kickstarter success stories, way back in the dusty past when Kickstarter was A Thing.  The campaign launched with a great demo and tripled its funding goal, the game was released a mere six months later to solid reviews, eventually came to console, and built itself a very happy fanbase in the process.  It’s been four years to the day since the Kickstarter campaign ended, though, so what better way to celebrate an anniversary than with the announcement of a sequel?  Risk of Rain 2 is currently early in development, and looks to be both very different and unmistakably the sequel to its predecessor.

The new game was announced over at the Hopoo devblog, complete with a couple of .gifs to show off what six months of work have resulted in.  The animation shows off the player character blasting away at the fireball critters, both regular orange and big tough green ones, with the firepower homing in on the nearest threat.  There are containers in the background that are bound to have a relic inside, the blue experience orbs home in on the player in the familiar way, and the color design is exactly what you’d expect from the first game.  The fireball enemies fall apart faster than in the original but there’s not much else to work with, and the post is very clear that even if there was it’s all subject to change without notice depending on how Risk of Rain 2 comes together in the long development cycle ahead.  For six months’ work, though, the game is looking very nice indeed, and while there’s no way yet to know how long Risk of Rain 2 is going to be in development it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch it come together.