Birthdays: The Beginning Celebrates its Birthday With Release Trailer

Birthdays: The Beginning launched today and to celebrate its arrival got a nice new trailer to explain what the game is all about.  Take a small cube of land, build an environment, and watch life spring up to take root in every nook and cranny of the terrain.  It’s the newest game from the Yasuhiro Wada, the creator of Harvest Moon, and while Birthdays works on a far larger scale than a farm on the edge of a village, it’s still a gardening game where you tend the land to nurture life.  It’s just that the garden is the world and the life is everything that ever existed.  Or at least a nice cross-section of it, with key creatures from pre-history roaming the land and swimming the seas.  Check out the trailer below, and maybe see if 0:58 doesn’t seem a little bit familiar.