Stellaris Anniversary Addition Now Available

The first birthday is always special. Symbolizing how time seems to fly by, and the mark of one step on the long journey. Today Stellaris, developed by Paradox games, has hit the one year mark.

As part of the Birthday celebrations, Stellaris has received an anniversary addition. The pack will include the base game and both major expansion to come out for the game since that time (one rather recently) as well as a few other goodies. All seen below.

  • Stellaris: The critically acclaimed space empire game, full of stories and encounters that take on new dimensions every time you play.
  • Utopia: The first full expansion for Stellaris, adding megastructures and new options for the ultimate advancement of your species.
  • Plantoids Species Pack: A species pack that includes a dozen portraits for plant based sentient life-forms.
  • Leviathans Story Pack: A story pack that includes monstrous new creatures and encounters.

Whether new to Paradox games or new to Stellaris, it is a grand strategy game worth picking up. While it had some hick-ups upon initial release, it has only improved on the systems already in place. Stellaris now, more than ever, feels like a proper Paradox game. Paradox known for making some of the best grand strategy games out there.

Stellaris Anniversary Pack will be running at a special discounted price for the week running at 55.46 USD, compared to the 69.99 USD it would cost. This includes the base game as well as all the expansions. If already an owner of Stellaris, give or take an expansion, this will be reflected when purchasing anything for the game.

The final bonus for Stellaris owners, Paradox is freely giving the Creaturs of the Void pre-order pack and an Anniversary Species Portrait Pack for anyone who owns Stellaris.