TinyBuild Introduces Humble TinyBuild Bundle

A new bundle has arrived at the Humble Bundle store, and it’s chock full of TinyBuild games.

For those uninitiated, Humble Bundles allow you to pay as much or as little for a set of games, with more games bundled the more you give, and all that money goes to charity. TinyBuild, a publisher of small yet usually pretty great games, has launched their own Humble Bundle now, and it’s pretty great.

At the base level, meaning you’ve paid anywhere from one cent to $7.18, you’ll get four games, and at the topmost level, you’ll get all twelve games for at least $39.99. Here’s the full tier list.

Tier One ($.01  – $7.18)

  1. Divide By Sheep
  2. Road to Ballhalla
  3. No Time to Explain Remastered
  4. SpeedRunners

Tier Two ($7.19 – $14)

  1. Party Hard
  2. The Final Destination
  3. ClusterTruck
  4. Guts & Glory
  5. Punch Club

Tier Three ($15 – $39.98)

  1. The Final Station: The Only Traitor DLC
  2. Streets of Rogue (Early Access)

Tier Four ($39.99 and up)

  1. Hello Neighbor Pre-order + Artbook + Songs (Alpha Access)

And remember, with each tier, you’ll get all the stuff included in the previous tiers too. You can purchase the bundle on their website. The TinyBuild bundle will be available until May 23.